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University of Oregon


2015 SMART Awardees

The Department of Biology congratulates the following students for being recognized as SMART awardees:  Sabrina Abdullah (Selker lab), Rachel Berner (Lockery lab), Heather Chorzempa (Postlethwait lab), Erin Clifford (Bowerman lab) and Ulysses Duckler (Wehr lab).  The awardees all participated in the OURS program in summer 2015.  Congratulations Sabrina, Rachel, Heather, Erin and Ulysses!

2014 SMART scholar award recipients announced

The 2014 SMART scholar award recipients are Wes Horton from the Bohannan lab, Pat Johnson from the Doe lab and Nick Olberhelman from the Nolen lab.

Congratulations Wes, Pat and Nick!

An article in the winter 2013 edition of CASCADE highlights Biology’s new SMART program.


Student spotlight: SMART alum Matt Davis ’12

See what our students are saying about SMART!  Matt Davis ’12, SMART scholar, spent several terms working in the laboratory of Bitty Roy in the Institute of Ecology and Evolution.

“Working in a lab was the most engaging and enriching part of my time at the University of Oregon. I would highly recommend research for any creative and curious person looking to learn. Classes are nice, but research gives you an opportunity to ask and answer your own questions, questions that have never been answered before. You also get perspective on how much work has gone into all that we know”

Cris Neill

Faculty Spotlight: Brain Man

Cristopher Niell got his start in research as a physics undergraduate at Stanford University, working with Steve Chu to build a microscope capable of tracking the diffusion of individual DNA molecules. He spent the next several years teaching, first physics at a private high school, and then English at a medical school in Japan. He returned to Stanford for his PhD with Stephen Smith, again using microscopy, to study the development of visual-response properties and neural circuits in the optic tectum of larval zebrafish. Most recently, he has been doing postdoctoral work at UC San Francisco, translating his study of the visual system to mouse cortex. Continue reading →